A well known amateur oboist locally, much admired for his passion for music, as well as his professional legal expertise, Geoffrey became a friend of mine as my Chair Sponsor at ASO and was vocal in his enthusiasm for this particular project. I enjoyed receiving his perceptive comments after concerts and although I didn’t know him for very long, was proud to call him a friend, and later, regretfully, to attend his funeral. Here is a quotation following our debut Artaria concert:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful playing … repertoire for this combination seems to have been unjustly neglected and it would be good to move it a little more towards centre stage … I was brought up at a time when it was rather fashionable to look down one’s nose at the work of English composers – except perhaps Benjamin Britten. But in your hands these works stand out as real masterworks. I was particularly moved by the understated mystical beauty of the Finzi.” GEOFFREY HACKETT-JONES QC

Celia Craig