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Artaria 2 CD cover

Unique boutique record label, ARTARIA, celebrates its 2nd anniversary with a second CD release

Unique boutique record label, Artaria, which specialises in presenting recordings of gorgeous music featuring the oboe – founded by former Adelaide Symphony Principal Oboist Celia Craig – is marking its second anniversary with a second CD release and new worldwide distribution for both physical CDs and digital downloads.

The independent label, which features an evocative repertoire recorded in ultra high audio and visual quality – set within the backdrop of South Australia – featuring world class artists, will be two years old on November 9, 2019.

The new album ‘Artaria 2’ is a virtuosic, tour de force studio creation featuring haunting oboe d’amores—‘the oboe of love’—to a modern Australian seven instrument multi-layering, accompanied by a short, visually stunning promotional film featuring the interior of Adelaide’s finest Victorian mansion: Ayers House Museum.

Dining Room, Ayers House Museum, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia

The film, shot with the support of the National Trust of South Australia, will be made available to South Australian schools and other organisations as part of Celia’s advocacy for local music education and participation. 

Artaria 2 Official Promo

Two companies – Australia-based Planet MGM and US Portland Oregon-based company BDC, which is also marking its 25th anniversary – will be supplying Artaria’s two CD releases to shops worldwide and digital downloads via platforms, including Amazon.

CEO of Burnside Distribution, Bill McNally, applauded Artaria’s vision, which aspires to present the oboe differently, addressing its Endangered status, and using an appealing repertoire created for more than the current classical music market.

Speaking from their head offices in Oregon, US, Bill said:
“We are honoured to be working with the two-year-old classic label Artaria. We look forward to spreading the word around the world.”

A further development will see Artaria making a third recording later this year by Celia with award-winning acclaimed Russian pianist Konstantin Shamray, who is now based in South Australia.

Celia Craig and Konstantin Shamray
Celia Craig and Konstantin Shamray

Commenting on the opportunity to work with a pianist who has been described as “commanding” with “musical presence” and a “virtuoso”, Celia said: “I am thrilled to announce a new collaboration recording including solo piano works, in ultra high quality DSD with the stunning pianist and musician Konstantin Shamray. It is an absolute joy to be working together.

“What is also incredibly exciting is that our recording will exist in the highest possible digital audio format as well as traditional CDs. I am so grateful to our supporters and subscribers who are driving this collaboration and can’t wait to create this latest quality recording here in Adelaide for our new global audience,” she said.

The new release and future recording comes shortly after Celia performed the UK premiere of Judith Weir’s Oboe Concerto at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, and broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, in September.

Judith Weir, Celia Craig and Andrew Gourlay, Conductor.


The label’s aim is to widen the appeal of a classical chamber concert to engage new audiences, young and old, with visual interest and stimulation. Filming performances will be an integral part, revealing the intimacy of chamber music collaboration and eventually produce a complete package for home cinema, DVD, or computer that engages all the senses.

The musicians involved gather together in a break from busy lives around the country, relishing the collaboration with venues, recording teams, producers, designers and a videographer. 

The name derived from Artaria & Co. which was one of the most important music publishing firms of the late 18th and 19th century, founded in Vienna, the company is associated with many leading names of the classical era, including being Mozart’s first publisher.


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