1. To nurture, promote and create performance and recording opportunities for classical musicians in South Australia.

  2. To address the skills shortage in Australian classical music, starting with oboe, and to enrich, build and sustain a vibrant community of musicians proficient in a variety of classical instruments.

  3. To widen the audience for classical music locally and globally, particularly  by promoting access to musical performances, recording processes and recording releases, particularly by innovative digital means.

  4. To encourage, commission and fund musical collaboration, exploration and experimentation, including as between genres, cultures and technologies.

  5. To enable and inspire participation at every level of music performance and education, and to promote excellence in music composition, practice, performance and production.

  6. To inspire new generations of musicians by publicly advocating music’s relevance and appeal, showcasing quality productions, compositions, performers and recordings with deep impact and engagement.

  7. To reduce reliance on traditional and public funding, and develop a sustainable business model through dynamic and inspirational marketing

  8. To work with a variety of stakeholders with shared values and expertise in the pursuit of these objectives.