Teaching by Celia Craig

Celia Craig’s own education at some of the world’s top training opportunities began at an early age with Bela de Csillery, former pupil of Kodaly and Hindemith at the acclaimed Kent Junior Music School, UK. Encompassing orchestral, commercial, solo, chamber, lecturing, curating, performance practice and pedagogy, Celia’s own teachers and mentors have been superb players and educators to whom she pays tribute as having nurtured her unique outlook which differs from the traditional model of oboe teaching. 

President of Australasian Double Reed Society (2007-2013), Chairman of BBC Symphony Orchestra, active member of BBCSO Education program, Music Curator for The National Trust of South Australia, Celia’s experience includes jury membership of Gillet Fox International Oboe competition, Tokyo, BBCTV Young Musician of the Year, ABC Young Performer Awards, Hobart City Eisteddfod, Barossa Band Festival and more- Celia has mentored young oboists in Sao Paolo Brazil, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzogovnia, New Zealand in Akaroa International Chamber Music Festival and has now founded ARTARIA for South Australia.

ARTARIA is committed to developing oboists through:

  • teaching in person or online (national and international students, singly or in groups 
  • through Accelerando (see below)
  • at the well equipped ARTARIA studios, 
  • at Marryatville High School Specialist Music Department at the Elder Conservatorium of Music

ARTARIA’s Accelerando Junior Oboe Group Teaching Scheme will nurture a new generation of young players quickly.

ac•cel•er•an•do adv., adj. gradually increasing in speed (used as a musical direction). Latin accelerandus, ger. of accelerāre [to speed up].

The traditional model, with its commitment of classical music lessons, expects one-to-one specialist lessons with an expensive equipment outlay. 

Imagine if it was possible to enjoy a taster of instrumental music taught by specialists in supportive group settings, a practical introduction to an instrument and all the cognitive and social benefits of music participation, during the school holidays, without the significant financial commitment that deters so many. And to be able to back up or encourage that experience at home with inspiring, globally accessible, colourful, covid proof videos driven by synesthesia, filmed in the stunning South Australian landscape, backdrop to so many iconic cinematic experiences. 

Despite its proven cognitive and social benefits, well intentioned commitments to increase music education, and against the aggressive marketing of ‘popular’ music, how many schoolchildren actually have seen an oboe, live or on screen? Surely it is time for classical music to address this via a new marketing approach. Artaria offers immersive, audiovisual online experiences to present an engaging and modern interface with classical music. Unlike traditional concerts and face-to-face music lessons, Artaria delivers distinctive, world class artistry and instruction digitally to a global audience, direct from South Australia.

Online Resources

Celia recommends the following reliable expert resources:

Instruments, new/buy/hire/secondhand/repairs/reeds/reedboxes/basic reedmaking tools:

Handmade oboe reeds/reedmaking equipment/advice:

Oboe fingering chart and playing support:

Teaching Resources/Local exam representative/website resources eg aural tests:

Handmade humidifiying reedboxes:
Holzinger Reed Accessories/Facebook

IRealPro jazz app: 

Online Virtuoso, new Australian e-learning resource:

Sheet music for wind players, extensive collection/quick postage:

Online oboe blog/ interesting articles/expert advice:

Teaching Resources/Local exam representative/website resources eg aural tests:

Sheet music for wind players, extensive collection/quick postage:

Current South Australian Oboe teachers:

Kathleen Cowie, oboe/saxophone, experienced teacher, ex student Elder Con

Peter Duggan principal cor anglais ASO, passionate about teaching, many years professional experience, has taught oboe in many schools around Adelaide including Westminster, Elder Conservatorium of Music and coached for National Music Camp. 

Charles Klein, guest oboist, ASO. Charles teaches oboe at a number of schools and coaches for State Music Camp of SA, currently has many pupils. 

Hannah Kovilpillai guest oboist, ASO, experienced teacher and professional player 

Neal Perkins Oboe, student teacher who is newly committed to teaching

Mary Anne Roberts, oboe/ saxophone, much experience teaching in schools

Renae Stavely Associate Principal Oboe ASO and teaches both privately and at specialist music school, Brighton High School, Elder Conservatorium. Highly experienced professional player

Jane Wearing  Flute/Oboe, much DECS/Private teaching, experienced teacher 

Mary Waterhouse Clarinet/Oboe, much DECS/Private teaching and professional playing experience  

Austin Zilm Oboe/Cor Anglais, good teacher, ex student Elder Con 

All of these players can help oboists start and progress in Adelaide. Also check out the Australasian Double Reed Society teachers register and listings of local events for double reed players.