ARTARIA offers immersive audio visual online experiences which deliver an engaging interface inviting you to enjoy classical music. Unlike traditional concerts and face to face music lessons, ARTARIA offers unique, world class artistry and instruction direct to your device and to a global audience.

“… so delighted to meet Celia and to listen to her original idea that resonated so strongly with the story of the Barossa where immigrants from Silesia came to settle here and brought with them their food and music and meshed it with their new landscape. I could see why Celia was undertaking this project to tap into a tradition of Australian settlers and re-evaluating its meaning in this new setting …” – Maggie Beer

“Professional musicians of this calibre all perform with perfect tone, time, intonation and discipline. But it is the rare qualities that move the listener – the power of the expression, and the ability to call on it with a consistency that is frightening. These qualities distinguish a virtuoso from a professional, and these qualities Celia has in abundance. Artaria is a reflection of Celia’s artistic and creative integrity. It is also a collection of talents that when combined, produce more than the sum of the contributors. That’s why I consider Artaria to be one of the finest ensembles I have heard …”Rod Tamlyn, Executive Producer, Creative Director, Composer/Arranger

“We have been swept away by Celia’s energy and enthusiasm for a unique contribution to the South Australian musical scene” – Skye McGregor, music lover, and Norman Etherington, President of the National Trust of South Australia