Happy listening!

Anthony Steel

Those of you who went regularly to ASO concerts during Celia’s years as principal oboist know already what a consummate musician she is. 

Not so many will yet have had a proper chance to experience her new-found skills as producer, presenter, fundraiser, in fact all-round entrepreneur. 

Since she founded ARTARIA a couple of years ago, she has been unstoppable. Responsible for concerts, recordings, and indeed every activity you can think of that promotes chamber music in general, and the oboe perhaps in particular.

This concert marks a new chapter in ARTARIA’s growth, thanks to a close partnership that Celia has forged with the National Trust. Indeed collaboration is one of her watch-words. 

When it comes to the music itself, to my mind, Celia shows a special flair for choosing not only repertoire, but perhaps (especially) the musicians with whom she plays.

She has a knack for finding those colleagues who, not only are technically perfect (something that we take almost for granted nowadays), but who – like herself – can reach down to the essence of the music they are playing.

Happy listening!
Anthony Steel AM

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