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Unique boutique record label, ARTARIA, releases debut recording

Unique new boutique record label, Artaria, specialising in presenting recordings of gorgeous music featuring the oboe in a range of collaborations – all set within the backdrop of South Australia – have released their debut recording.

With an evocative repertoire recorded in the highest quality and featuring world class players, Artaria’s unique approach aims to set the music within the stunning backdrop of South Australia, drawing inspiration from the landscape, heritage and light for a visual age and creating a sensory package for a 21st century audience.

Formed in 2013, Artaria aspires to present the oboe differently, addressing its Endangered status, using an appealing repertoire created for more than the current classical music market with future releases planned to be presented with video, engaging more of the senses and presented for today’s audiences.

Founding member, Celia Craig, former Principal player with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, London, and current Principal Oboe of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, said the concept was inspired while playing the Bax Quintet at Royal Academy of Music.

She said: “I fell in love the Bax Quintet, as it reignited my synaesthesia, exploding into all colours in my head. Vision in terms of colour, landscapes and textures, has always been with me when I perform. And when I perform music with my best possible colleagues the performances have real communication and flow. We believe Artaria provides a new experience of classical music proudly originating in the heart of South Australia.”

Australian cooking legend and food writer Maggie Beer helped suggest the combination after meeting with Celia to discuss the concept.

She said: “I was so delighted to meet Celia and to listen to her original idea that resonated so strongly with the story of the Barossa where immigrants from Silesia came to settle here and brought with them their food and music and meshed it with their new landscape.

“I could see why Celia was undertaking this project to tap into a tradition of Australian settlers and re-evaluating its meaning in this new setting.”


Artaria plans to follow up this first release with further releases soon, released with accompanying video and to tour when timetables allow. There are also plans for a solo oboe CD soon under the same label, which is currently in production.


The label’s aim is to widen the appeal of a classical chamber concert to engage new audiences, young and old, with visual interest and stimulation. Filming performances will be an integral part, revealing the intimacy of chamber music collaboration and eventually produce a complete package for home cinema, DVD, or computer, presented with the highest quality audio to engage all the senses.

The musicians involved gather together in a break from busy lives around the country, relishing the collaboration with venues, recording teams, producers, designs and a videographer.

The name derived from Artaria & Co. which was one of the most important music publishing firms of the late 18th and 19th century, founded in Vienna, the company is associated with many leading names of the classical era, including being Mozart’s first publisher.

Compiled by Angela Cole (February 2018)

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