A boutique recording catalogue featuring the oboe / Creative Director, Celia Craig / creating quality collaborative performances / recordings of appealing and evocative music / immersive experiences

Digital downloads in a variety of high resolution formats / for music lovers worldwide / CD, DVD, vinyl and Blue-ray for collectors / innovative, unique videos / high audio quality / signature merchandise

Performance footage filmed in stunning South Australia combined with sensitively cut, carefully selected visuals / dedicated videographer / carefully edited to the music with Creative Director, Celia Craig

Aiming to create quality collaborations / highlight oboe / publicly address South Australia’s current low oboe student and teacher numbers / advocate for classical music participation / work with existing music education providers in SA / help reestablish an innovative, beacon destination for oboe and music education

Marketing alongside other quality South Australian products / via new outlets / with advocacy: doing for classical music what Jamie Oliver has done for food

Distinctive, modern styling / accessible leisure, designed for today’s world / intense relaxation for the modern, digital age / targeting a wider audience

Appealing / evocative / new repertoire / recording music’s educational, medical and social benefits

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